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Frequently Asked Questions

Ride & Dine Package




What is included in the package?

  • Wine Tasting of  the award-winning range of  wines at The Cups Estate

  • European inspired tapas lunch at  The Cups Estate ($40 per person to spend on food from our normal Menu)

  • 1 glass of wine of your choice from The Cups Estate (Excluding our ‘Reserve’ range)

  • Priority entry to the Bath House at Peninsula Hot Springs (Passes are emailed separately within 24hrs of purchase)

  • Gunnamatta Trail Rides Signature ‘Beach Ride’- 2hr guided horse ride from Gunnamatta Trail Rides onto St Andrews Beach


How much is the package:?

$180.00 per person


How do I book the package?

Call us on Ph: 1300 131 741 or send us an email enquiry and we will get back to you to confirm availability. Remember that you will still need to purchase this package online after making your booking.


Can I purchase the package as a Gift?

Yes, you can purchase this Package as a Gift Certificate. Simply select the 'Purchase' button on the package page and follow the prompts.

The Gift Certificate will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date. The Gift Certificate will list everything that the receipent is entitled to. The price is not listed on the Gift Certificate.

You will have an option to leave a message for the receipient

You will have an option to send the Gift Certificate directly to the receipient or to yourself

You will be able to chose from Immediate Electronic Delivery, Mail or Express Mail options

Please note that if this package includes Peninsula Hot Springs bathing, it may take up to 24hrs for the bathing passes to be sent via a seperate email.


Can I book this package for a group?

Yes, this package is available to most size groups, as long as there is availability for that size group


Are there any days that this package is not available?

This package is not restricted in any way. As long as Gunnamatta Trail Ride, The Cups Estate & Peninsula Hot Springs are open; then this package is available. Please note The Cups Estate is open for lunch Thurs to Sun + most Public Holidays + every day in January- to check Restaurant Opening Times please see our Contact Us page. 


Are there secheduled times for each activity?

No the times and planning of the day can be determined by you, provided there is availability at each of the sites.

Both the horse ride and lunch must be booked however you can visit Peninsula Hot Springs at any time that they are open.


Do we need to book a time with Gunnamatta Trail Rides?

No we will do all of this for you


Are there any restrictions on riding at Gunnamatta Trail Ride?

Yes there are weight (max 95kgs) and age restriction (min 14years) Please see this link for more detailed information regarding the restrictions, prior to purchasing the package.


What should I wear for the horse ride?


What can I bring with me on the horse ride?


Where is Gunnamatta Trail Rides located?

Cnr Truemans Rd and Sandy Rd Fingal VIC 


How far is Gunnamatta Trail Ride from The Cups Estate & Peninsula Hot Springs?

Gunnamatta Trail Rides is located a 5 minute drive from The Cups Estate and 7 minute drive from Peninsula Hot Springs.


Is transported provided between Gunnamatta Trail Rides, The Cups Estate or Peninsula Hot Springs?



Is public transport an option to travel between the three properties?

No if you are not driving- taxi would be the best option.


Is it possible to walk from Gunnamatta Trail Rides & The Cups Estate?

It is possible but not recommended


What are the Set Menu options for dining at The Cups Estate?

All groups of 10 or more must select from one of our Set Menu options.

We currently have two Set Menu options.

Our 'Cups" Set Menu is $40pp and therefore included in the package for groups over 10.

Our 'Estate' Set Menu is $55pp. If you wish to select this Set Menu you will need to pay the difference of $15pp on the day.

You will have the option of adding a Dessert Board onto the Set Menu's for an additional $10pp. Please notify us of this on the day on arrival if possible.


Can The Cups Estate cater for dietary specific guests?

Yes our normal menu has many gluten free and vegetarian options. We will also be able to make some changes to the menu items to cater for the dietary requirment however not all dishes can be changed. Please make sure to let our staff know when ordering.

If you have a group of 10 or more you will be required to select one of our Set Menu options when you book. If there is any guests in your group who have dieatry requirements and feel the Set Menu's available are not suitable then these guests will be able to order from our normal Menu on the day, up to the value of $40pp.


Do I need to book for the wine tasting at The Cups Estate?

No, you just need to book for lunch.


How long does the wine tasting take?

We will give you a wine tasting at the time of your lunch booking. The wine tasting takes approx 15 minutes, so you can either chose to arrive at the time of your lunch booking or 10-15 minutes before your lunch booking.


Where does the wine tasting take place?

The wine tasting takes place at our Cellar Door/Restaurant. Both activities take place in the same building at The Cups Estate.


Does the wine tasting include a tour of the vineyard or winery?

No, tours are not available. You are free to have a walk in the vineyard though.


Where is The Cups Estate located?

269 Browns Road Fingal VIC 3939. See map here:


Is any transport included in this package?



Are transfers between The Cups Estate and Peninsula Hot Springs included?



Is there public transport available to travel between The Cups Estate and Peninsula Hot Springs?

No, a Taxi would be the best option.


Is it possible to walk from The Cups Estate to Peninsula Hot Springs?

Yes it is possible but it is not recommended. It would take at least 30 minutes to walk and it can be dangerous walking along the roads as there is not a pedestrian path.



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